Good Time Charlie
Tunesmith and "B" side Goodtime Charlie's Got The Blues were released in 1968. Both got airplay in Northwest markets. However, had it been up to The Bards, Goodtime Charlie's Got The Blues would have been the "A" side. As it turns out, 5 years later, Danny O'keefe made a big hit out of a similar rendition of the song!

The desire to 'find their own way' took The Bards to L.A. with their 'garage tapes'. There they met first Curt Boetcher. Curt listened to the tapes and together with Keith Olsen signed the group to Together Records & produced The Moses Lake Recordings.

The 3-way split~ It is interesting to note that the way events transpired, Curt and Keith's new label, Together Records failed to get it's financing. The Bards pinnacle creation was never released. Then Curt and Keith's partnership dissolved. And then The Bards parted ways. We can only speculate as to what "might" have happened if the designated single for The Moses Lake Recordings, Oobleck / Moses, had been released with the album to follow!

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