Oobleck is a witches-brew children's tale by Dr. Seuss, with music written by Mike Balzotti. Oobleck is a perfect demonstration of the versatility, humor and sheer unbridled energy of the group. You simply can't listen to Oobleck and not acknowledge 'this group was an original'!

Part of the Moses Lake Recordings, this single release, together with the "B" side, Moses, fell victim to the demise of Together Records. (The Bards were to become Moses Lake under a newly inked deal with Together Records.)

Together Records--Curt Boetcher, Keith Olson and Gary Usher, at that time with over 12 million in hit record sales, including The Beach Boys and The Association, et al, seemed like a "slam-dunk" dream team production partnership. It is truly ironic that the promise of Together Records, as symbolized in the name and the graphics (see label), could bring 'together' such talent, produce such a synergistically diversified product, only to signal the beginning of the end of these same partnerships.


Put your cursor on the image to see the flip side! "B" side--Moses--words by Chuck Warren and music by Mike Balzotti, is a tune written about one of the bands inner-circle of close friends, who would travel with them on occasion.