The Owl & The Pussycat
The Owl & The Pussy-Cat was a Capital Records release follow-up to Never Too Much Love. By this time, The Bards embraced their namesake and began putting classic poetry to music. (Put your cursor on the image to see who wrote the words!)

Though the lyrics are "classic" and over 100 years old, there was something about the "translation" that got it "banned in Boston"!

The Bards had deep roots as a "dance" band. Performing for countless proms & the popular teen dance halls throughout the Northwest. In this context it was remarkable that they were able to evolve to the point where much of their perfomance was original music. One of the secrets was keeping their original compositions 'dancable'. Another was the following they had from fans that would see the group time & time again, learning their music & requesting their originals.

Not just musicians, but young entrepenuers, they would arrange their own 'gigs', competing against outside rival promoters in markets where they were established, to gain 'co-operation' and opportunity in new markets. In this way they were able to go from their small eastern Washington home town, Moses Lake, to perform in the large metro areas of Seattle and Portland.

They wrote music

As they gained regional popularity, backed by their Top 10 charted hit "Never Too Much Love", they were booked along side national acts on their Northwest concert tours.

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