Never Too Much Love
Never Too Much Love was The Bards charted hit in 1967. It was a Curtis Mayfield tune with a totally original & quasi-psychedelic beginning written by the Bards. First Bards release by Jerden Records. Then, after becoming a Top 10 hit in the Northwest, the group was signed by Capitol Records, giving them national distribution & recognition. Ultimately, the song was heard internationally (as reported by Viet Nam vets) & ranked Top 100 in Cash Box--a national record industry trade magazine.

Catch-22: One of the more interesting Bard stories is how this record came to be a success. The problem for young would-be rock stars is how to get in the door when literally hundreds of records are released daily. The stores won't stock it if it's not getting airplay, & the radio stations won't play it unless it's charted, or at least 'available' in the stores.

To beat the catch-22, as they toured on their "dance-band" circuit, The Bards hand carried their record to virtually every small radio station in the Northwest. At the same time, they had display easels made (at their own expense) & gave away records in the displays to the stores.

At that time, KJR in Seattle was one of the top 10 "break-out" stations in the country & could not risk their status patronizing a local group release. However, when KJRB (KJR's sister station in Spokane) had Never Too Much Love as the number 1 requested song; followed by KISN in Portland--well, the band broke through the catch-22 & the rest is history.

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