Bob Gallaway passed away in 1994. Perhaps the most fitting tribute to Bob is to remember the "spark" he contributed to the The Bard chemistry...a spark that still ignites many fond memories. In their own words:

Bob Gallaway was the consummate entertainer...always 'on'. The Chineese say 'a crisis is a dangerous opportunity'. For Bob, a crisis was just another opportunity to make us laugh! Like the night we had to use Mike's old Ford to drive to Walla Walla and the lights went out. On top of that we were late. We all had our heads out the window telling Mike where he was on the road. Bob said, "don't worry about it Mike. If you hear some gravel, turn left -- if you hear more gravel turn right FAST!" (from Mardig & Mike)

"It's like 1966 & there was a Beatnik coffee joint in Ellensburg, WA. We played at the college one night & then went to the coffee shop. There was a stage and a microphone. Bob went up to the owner & asked him if he had an axe. (Of course Bob was our 'hipster, flipster and finger poppin' daddy'--so he always used all the hip jargon.)

The owner of the place looked at him wide-eyed and repeated, "An Axe?" "Yeah man -- so we can lay some grooves on the people," Bob said. the owner kind of shook his head, went into the back room, brought out an axe & handed it to Bob. Bob just stood there holding this axe unable to speak. Of course Bob meant a guitar--but the owner didn't know that. I howl at that memory thinking that what's most amazing about the story, is the guy had no idea what these long haired weirdoes might do, but he handed over an axe anyway!" (from Mardig)

Only Bob Gallaway could say "vap bing.......the hoop bab doo dip, ba doopa do bow, brrraach cha choo......" and mean it! He made me laugh for all those years on the road and still brings a smile to my face when I think of the things that only he could think up and do. He is probably the only drummer in the history of rock and roll music to develop a stage piece based on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" that could spell bind audiences and make them laugh too! I often think of his famous motto; "La Cote Ote La Gote" (The cost takes away the taste) even though I never fully understood it.....? That was Bob. His energy and spirit will always be with me. The time I spent with him was priceless. (from Chuck) Back