The Bard’s charted hit "Never Too Much Love”…was released by Capitol Records in 1967.


Amazingly, 35 years later, the Best of the Bards unique and highly innovative sound was rediscovered.


The Bard’s journey to success is a true study of serendipity meeting innovation.


Their story begins in the small eastern Washington town of Moses Lake… where they created an immensely different and popular sound by setting classic and contemporary poetry to rock music.


The Bard name means an ancient order of lyric, minstrel poets. They quickly became a standout group among the popular Northwest groups of the 60’s.


The rewards of their innovative style came when the Bards ventured to Hollywood, packing their "garage" tapes. Legendary pop producer Curt Boettcher, amused by their lack of “Hollywood chic” introduced himself in an elevator and invited them to pitch their music.


Boettcher’s production partner at that time was Keith Olsen, who later achieved worldwide fame producing artists who’ve sold over 100 million records.


This serendipitous meeting resulted in “The Moses Lake Recordings”…a unique mix of distinctive songs…including a 20-minute “Rock Opera,” based on a poem called The Creation.



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